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Seneca Park Zoo Society Executive Director Rachel Baker August gives our sea lions enrichment in the form of live trout. Photo by Kelli O'Brien.

July 1 was my lucky day. I took a vacation from my job of managing aspects of the Zoo Society and spent the day working for our Arctic wolves, Nikko and Luna, Anna, the cougar and Puff and Flounder our sea lions under the tutelage of Mary Ellen, a Zoo Keeper in Unit 8 here at the Seneca Park Zoo. Wow. What a day I had.

The Zoo Keepers (and me that day) never stopped cleaning. The hosing and scrubbing that is necessary to keep the inside holding areas sanitary and safe is endless. I also found out that Nikko’s favorite liverwurst was Caans and that the keepers gave him this treat with his pain medication embedded. I was lucky to spend that day with Nikko, as he passed on July 15.

Feeding the sea lions some tasty treats. Photo by Kelli O'Brien.

During my work day, Flounder and Puff enjoyed live, large-mouth bass as enrichment. We threw them in their pool (OK, I didn’t do the throwing) and the sea lions used all their natural abilities and senses to find those fish, and they did it with lightning speed! Too much happened during my stint as a Zoo Keeper for me to write about today but I’ll add some more details soon. As I look back, I’m reminded I’m a lucky gal!

– Rachel Baker August, Executive Director for the Seneca Park Zoo Society


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Shadau lounges in his tree. Photo by Tina Fess.

It sure is nice when a design intent actually works out! This log was selected and purposely placed to let the snow leopards climb into it and feel protected, yet still be visible to our guests. It took the male about eight weeks to use the space, but he finally has – at least once! The snow leopards are adapting beautifully to their home on the east side of the Main Zoo Building.

– Larry Sorel, County Zoo Director

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