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What a night!

Exclusive Member Night at the Zoo was a hit, once again. We couldn’t have asked for better weather; the kids enjoyed with pith helmet crafts; Chuck Levengood and I talked about the Lion Exhibit and begged for additonal donations (we only need $1.6 million more!); and people were pleased to receive their free ice cream and an Elephant Barn tour.

Thank you all for your generous and continuous support of the Zoo. How about some feeback on the night?

– Rachel Baker August, Executive Director of the Seneca Park Zoo Society


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Dr. Jeff Wyatt and his veterinary team look over one of the Zoo's sea lions in the Animal Health Center.

Part of our on-going commitment to the welfare of all the animals in our care are periodic trips to the doctor. This happened just the other day for one of our California sea lions, Flounder.

Flounder has been having some irritation in his right eye, so the veterinary team decided to get a closer look and determine a path forward for continued treatment. In the picture to the right, you see our team, led by Dr. Jeff Wyatt, Director of Animal Health here at the Zoo, examining Flounder under anesthesia in our Animal Health Center.

Stop by the Animal Health Center on your next visit to the Zoo!

There are windows in the Center to allow our visitors a sneak peek into these exams when they happen, although it is a great to know that due to extensive preventative care we do not need to bring animals here very often. However, I would encourage everyone to stop in just in case and while you are there, read about the tremendous health program we have!

– Larry Sorel, County Zoo Director

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Katya, one of the Zoo's Amur tigers, is photographed by Jeff Gerew.

I have the honor of being asked to represent the Seneca Park Zoo, the Tiger SSP (Species Survival Plan) and AZA (the Association of Zoos and Aquariums) at the first Sumatran Tiger Global Species Management Plan workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia, this September. I am extremely excited to be the sole North American representative at the workshop.

This workshop will be attended by a select few people, approximately 15, from around the globe to discuss how we can best take the steps necessary to (hopefully) insure the continued survival of Sumatran tigers into the future. Representatives from Great Britain, Europe, Japan, Australia and Indonesia will attend.

While we do not have Sumatran tigers here at the Zoo, it is part of our conservation mission to support these types of activities whenever and wherever possible. Watch for a report on the workshop when I return!

– Larry Sorel, County Zoo Director

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Cleaning the alligator pool takes team work.

Answer: Very quickly!

The heat of the summer gets the three alligators here at the Zoo very active, yet their pool still needs to be cleaned. To do this, it takes several people to clean FAST and to have as many eyes as possible watching the alligators. The photo to the left shows the Zoo Keepers cleaning out the pool and doing a great job at that!

If alligators intrigue you and you would like to know more about them, don’t miss our alligator Q & A on Thursday afternoons!

– Larry Sorel, Zoo Director

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Dr. Jeff Wyatt spends time with the spider monkeys.

So, what does the Zoo Vet do on a Monday afternoon? He spends time working with our animals so they are not afraid of him when “the doctor” visits. Here is Dr. Jeff Wyatt, Director of Animal Health and Conservation, working with the spider monkeys.

– Larry Sorel, County Zoo Director

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