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Last Thursday night (June 23) we held another ESL presents Night at the Zoo for all families to enjoy the animals and other great activities during the evening hours. As a special treat, the zoo keepers walked our African elephants, Genny C and Lilac, from their enclosure (that is currently closed to the public) up the back road and into the Rhino Yard. What a terrific surprise to our visitors who saw the elephants when then walked out of the Main Building or curved around the path at the alligators!

Photos by Rachel Baker August

We’ll keep our fingers crossed that maybe during the next ESL presents Night at the Zoo  (Thursday, July 21) the keepers will be able to move the elephants again!

– Rachel Baker August, Executive Director for the Seneca Park Zoo Society


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Normally I write about the animals or exhibits here at the Zoo, but the Zoo is so much more than simply a place to visit with the magnificent creatures here.

Photo by Kelli O'Brien

As I was walking through the Zoo today I had the wonderful opportunity to see our summer campers exploring the playground. These were 3- and 4-year-old campers just having a great time, learning social skills and howling like wolves. And they had not even visited the wolves yet today! It was truly gratifying to see their imaginations in action and to know that they were being exposed to nature in a safe and educational way. By the way, I am told that yesterday they were dragons, not something we will have here in the near future!

So, while the Zoo is a place to see magnificent creatures that many will never see in their nature habitat and a place for education and conservation action – sometimes it is just a place to have fun and let your imagination soar.

– Larry Sorel, County Zoo Director

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What wonderful attitude and great energy from reporter Pat McGonigle of  News 10NBC provided for our TV coverage today at Hawk Frame & Axle, Inc. in Fairport.

Photos by Kelli O’Brien

During Channel 10’s live morning show, we were showing the 7-ton, 1967 English double-decker bus that we’ll be transforming into a safari vehicle for our A Step Into Africa Exhibit, to open next spring. Not a transporter, but a great spot to see the lions. Bill Hinchcliffe of Hawk Frame & Axle Inc. will be making the bus lion-friendly by retrofitting the exterior skin of the bus with 3/16″ thick plate steel and security glass along with special security fencing. I can’t wait for you to see the finished result!

– Rachel Baker August, Executive Director for the Seneca Park Zoo Society

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We just received word that the Maasai Huts which were created at the Weber Group in Indiana, will be delivered to the Zoo this afternoon. Very exciting advancement in the progress of creating an “African safari” here at Seneca Park Zoo! A crane will be used to lift and ultimately settle the two huts (one to show our visitors a Maasai interior and the other for holding goats) next to the 8,000-square-foot Lion Exhibit. More work on each hut will take place to further create an authentic look, but we’ll be able get the general feel of one aspect of this spectacular exhibit today. Stop by the “Ngorongoro Overlook” between 1 and 3 p.m. to see the process.

Rachel Baker August, Executive Director of the Seneca Park Zoo Society

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