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This is National Zoo Keeper Week. I want to thank all our Zoo Keepers for all the hardwork they do everyday. In the rain, snow, sleet and particulaly this week, in the HEAT!

Photos by Larry Sorel

They are the ones who provide excellent care to all of the animals in our collection and who are directly concerned with, and address, all aspects of welfare and quality of life.  Without these dedicated people, the single most important part of what the Zoo is about would not reach the level of excellence to which we have become accustomed.

As an example of just what it takes to provide the care necessary to the creatures for which we are responsible, here are a couple of pictures of how much food is prepared and served on a daily basis.  The staff makes more than 80 different meals for over 300 animals EVERY DAY, using what you see in these pictures.

– Larry Sorel, County Zoo Director


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Wow, the Crater Canteen is looking like a lodge now with the new timber beam accents on the roof line!

Photos by Kelli O’Brien

How exciting to watch them being mounted. You can see them through the fence as well as the flapping ears of the elephants way in the distance.

– Rachel Baker August, Executive Director for the Seneca Park Zoo Society

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One of the great benefits to my job is the frequency of which I see the creatures we care for on a daily basis doing wonderful things. Every time I walk through the Zoo I see at least one example of the animals we care for doing something extraordinarily interesting, unique or inspiring.

Afternoon resting spot. Photo by Larry Sorel.

Today I observed one of our tigers dozing in the sunshine on top of the log in the middle of her exhibit. It certainly attracted a crowd, even though she was not “doing something.” The power of her presence was clearly there and our visitors were duly impressed.

You too can experience this, or something similar, on any day you visit if you just take the time to observe all we have to offer. So, come on out and enjoy a great Rochester summer day at the Zoo!

Larry Sorel, County Zoo Director

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