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I checked out the construction site this week, and the multiple glass viewing areas down in A Step Into Africa are making the most impact right now.

Photo by Kelli O'Brien

The small glass window from the dig zone tunnel into the baboon exhibit has been installed and this will be a fun way for kids to get another sneak peak at the baboon families. The huge glass viewing area next to the safari bus (in the photo to the right) will be a great spot to see the lions drink from their shallow watering hole.

Photo by Kelli O'Brien

The second floor of the bus gives every visit a view of the whole exhibit to see the lions where ever they are sleeping. I can’t wait until the lions put their paws up on the glass! You’ll love it.

– Rachel Baker August, Executive Director for the Seneca Park Zoo Society


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Tiger enrichment

Photo by Larry Sorel

This morning, I had the opportunity to participate in the Fall Docent training class. Part of the class involves learning about the many enrichment opportunities we offer our animals. “Enrichment” is the action we take to give our animals a fuller life beyond just basic care.

Part of that learning process is a behind-the-scenes visit to various areas of the Zoo to observe how we deliver the enrichment items. Attached is a picture of one of our Amur tigers receiving an ox tail as a novel item!

– Larry Sorel, County Zoo Director

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