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Leaves, leaves, leaves

The weather has been wonderful to us this fall, I hope you have taken the opportunity to visit the Zoo at least once.  If you have, you may have seen some of the on-going work that needs to be done to keep the Zoo in tip-top shape throughout the year.

Norman of our maintanence crew uses the leaf blower.

Linda and Melvin work together to remove the leaves.

We a blessed with a large number of mature trees on Zoo grounds, which in the summer provide great shade for our visitors. However, as we all know those leaves come down in the fall. One of the tasks that consumes a large amount of time in the fall is removing all those leaves from the Zoo. In the photo to the right, Norman of our maintenance crew is blowing leaves off to the side of the sidewalks in preparation for Linda and Melvin to vacuum them into a truck for removal (to the left). The great weather has also helped us in this task as there have been years when we have been doing this in snow and freezing rain!

– Larry Sorel, County Zoo Director


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Photos by Larry Sorel

As we continue to prepare for the coming winter season, “winterizing” our bee hive is part of the process.

Surprisingly, the hive was still fairly active, but we were able to make sure it was prepared to make it through the winter. John and Kelly, in their bee suits, we able to check on the honey in the hive and consolidate the size of the hive down to better maintain temperature. All this was done with only one or two bee stings!

Nice work John and Kelly.

– Larry Sorel, County Zoo Director

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We have moved on to the finishing details that are giving this exhibit a well thought-out, quality look, which is very exciting!

The kraal fence of wooden sticks is being placed around the goat yard to add authenticity to our Maasai Village and the plants are making the entire space lush with a variety of leaves, branches and twigs. The locust trees arrived taller than expected, which will create immediate shade in certain areas of the exhibit. The metal shade structure for Genny C. and Lilac is almost complete and will soon be covered with thatch. Doesn’t it completely change the outline of the Elephant Barn? The tunnel in the Dig Zone that will allow a peek into the Baboon Exhibit will be a fun spot for kids to hang out and watch the troop’s antics.

These past few warm days allowed us to start painting the bus, too. Rather than a camouflage design, we have decided to have a more typical look of a tour vehicle in the Crater with tans and browns. It’s all coming together nicely – check out some photos below!

– Rachel Baker August, Executive Director for the Seneca Park Zoo Society

Photos by Kelli O’Brien

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It takes far more than just zoo keepers to maintain the Zoo.  As an example, here is Melissa, one of our facility staff, spending time in the morning making sure windows are clean. The facility staff also insures all the rest rooms are clean, the side walks are clean (and snow free soon!) and the trash is removed.

We certainly have a great animal care staff, but we also have a dedicated facility staff making sure your visits to the Zoo are carefree so you can truly enjoy the animals. Over the next several weeks I will highlight some of the other people who work diligently behind the scenes making the Zoo what it is!

Larry Sorel, County Zoo Director

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