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Photo by Rachel Baker August

When WHEC TV-10 was here Wednesday morning for their live morning show, the lions’ timing was a bit off. During a commercial, the male lion came up to the hood of the bus with his treasured toy, the white bucket. He is a bit clumsy so watching him try to leap to the hood, with bucket clenched in his massive jaw was a hoot. He sat there for awhile but jumped down right when WHEC hoped to do a “tease,” a brief live video clip of the live shot.

Photo by Kelli O’Brien

Then Zoo Keeper Lindsey Bronson put not one, not two but three bones on the hood of the bus. The larger female knew that has the place to be! Here is a shot of her from the cab of the bus. Wow, is there any place you’ve been to that allows you to get up this close?

Come see us! We have sprinklers and misters out!

– Rachel Baker August, Executive Director of the Seneca Park Zoo Society


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