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Beautiful Zoo views

Photo by Larry Sorel

Lions aren’t the only reason to visit the Zoo this year. Over the last few years, we have worked hard to improve the overall look of the Zoo grounds and right now is peak flower viewing time!

Photo by Larry Sorel

Here are a couple examples of the work of our “flower pro”, Denise Mitelli. Denise and her crew have spent considerable time and effort to be sure your visit to the Zoo includes not just wonderful animal experiences, but also, just plain wonder! Maybe come to the Zoo, take some non-animal pictures and share them with us on our Facebook page!

– Larry Sorel, County Zoo Director


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New sounds

Photo by Rachel Baker August

As I was walking through the Zoo on Saturday night on my way to a pre-party event for our docent-run Party Madagascar event at the Crater Canteen in A Step Into Africa, I saw our two beautiful snow leopards at the front of their exhibit (formerly our Cougar Exhibit).

I usually see them in the back under the logs and in the shade during the day, but something really had their interest. Their ears were perked up and they looked ready to pounce. Why? One of the sand hill cranes was calling from their exhibit on the other side of the path. Since the snow leopards have moved, I guess this is a new animal sound to them – very cool to watch this new experience!

– Rachel Baker August, Executive Director for the Seneca Park Zoo Society

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