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Photo by Larry Sorel

This past Monday (Sept. 17), we moved our young lake sturgeon from their display aquarium in the E.C.O. Center to the pond in our Eagle Exhibit in Genesee Trail. This is now their permanent home and our guests will be able to watch them grow over many years, to as much as 6 feet long! They will now become part of our interpretation of life along the Genesee River and its’ impact on Lake Ontario. Click here to watch a video of the Zoo’s veterinarian, Dr. Jeff Wyatt, releasing the sturgeon.

We will soon be receiving new sturgeon fingerlings for the E.C.O. Center aquarium, which were raised from wild New York State fish. These will eventually be released into the Genesee River when they too become too large for their aquarium.

Photo by Larry Sorel

While we were moving the sturgeon from aquarium to pond, Dr. Wyatt as well as Garrett Caulkins, one of our veterinary technicians, took advantage of the opportunity to do a health assessment on each individual, taking critical growth measurements for future reference. Our plan is to catch them at this time next year to monitor their progress.

They can be easily seen in the pond and look like small prehistoric sharks to me!

– Larry Sorel, County Zoo Director


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